I have recently added Virginia Professional Hearing to my endorsement list; As a professional musician, I can not stress to you enough how important good ear health and hearing protection is! Dr. Shantell Lewis is nothing short of amazing to work with and is the most competitive price wise in the Richmond, Virginia area. She personally completed my IEM (In Ear Monitor) impressions and handles my routine hearing and health examinations. I highly recommend her to anyone!

Virginia Professional Hearing Aid Center (VPHAC) is a comfortable, contemporary, and upscale audiology practice that believes in taking pride in our clients.  Our philosophy is to show a strong professional commitment to the clients of whom we serve by providing top notch service. We provide a range of hearing aid services to children and adults. The audiologists at VPHAC are certified with dual licenses to practice in the state of Virginia. In fact, it is a requirement for our audiologists to update their competency in the area of hearing aid technology annually to better serve our clients. If you are interested in more information, please visit them online here: http://www.vaprofessionalhearingaid.com/

Nominated 2015 Richmond’s Best Hearing Aid Center